Fluid Containment


Our flexible design will allow for tank volumes up to 42,000bbls (6,600m3).


1,330m3 Tank

  • Replaces 22 400bbl tanks
  • 1 truck required for transport
  • 72’ diameter; 11’4” height
  • 100’ X 100’ required for setup
  • Small to medium storage requirements

3,000m3 Tank

  • Replaces 48 400bbl tanks
  • 1 truck required for transport
  • 110’ diameter; 11’4” height
  • 140’ X 140’ required for setup
  • Medium storage requirements

4,500m3 Tank

  • Replaces 72 400bbl tanks
  • 2 trucks required for transport
  • Medium to large storage requirements

6,600m3 Tank

  • Replaces 105 400bbl tanks
  • 2 trucks required for transport
  • 156’ diameter; 12’ height
  • 200’ X 200’ required for setup
  • Large storage requirements

Customized and thorough on-site fluid containment.

Fraction Tank Features

  • Faster set-up and lower set-up costs
  • Reduced trucking and damage to roads
  • Improved safety for people and wildlife
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Better overall heat retention
  • No reclaimation required and less equipment needed
  • Compact stair and storage assembly
  • Minimal ground disturbance
  • Less manpower to construct
  • Quick, easy and safe set-up
  • Reduced operation costs

We provide an experienced and knowledgeable on site specialist to manage all aspects of ground preparation, tank setup, and tank tear down. Use of a supervisor is mandatory and typically requires one day for ground preparation, one day for set up, and one day for tear down. Supervisors come with all the tools needed to level in and set grade for pre-tank setup.

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